A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Originally submitted here, for the GDK 2017 Spooky Halloween Jam.  This is a resubmission on my own itch.io page for continued updates/bugfixes.

Use the on-screen prompts to give these pesky lawn-goers what they deserve.

E - Prep candy.
Space - Serve candy.
F - Stand your ground.
Esc - Do something else with your life.

Quan Nghitran - Programming, art, game design
Sam DelRosario - Art
Sarinda Samarasinghe - Sound design
Dakarai Simmons - Programming
Wyatt Walker - Music

Version (intial post-jam build):

  • Additional context added to places, cleared some text.
  • Rounded out code for beginning a new round.
  • Fixed bug causing candy bowl to automatically give you the correct candy every time.
  • Bubble placement for monsters fixed.
  • Added UI sounds.
  • Added credits.
  • Fixed muzzle flash placement
  •  Shooting pickle rick now makes him scream in terror, as he should.


  • idk


TriggerTreat.zip 18 MB